Dress for CSR report

Supposing you have a big day tomorrow and you are wondering how to present yourself in pristine fashion to the audience, then we have some amazing tips that you can follow. Lectures can range from extremely interesting to extremely boring you need to dress in an appropriate fashion that exudes professionalism and not shift the focus from what you are saying to aspects of your dress alone.

If you think you have great legs, you can wear skirts of all lengths. Avoid skirts that have gathers or wide gores or too many pleats instead go for pencil cut style or straight style skirts. Another type is a line skirts and they also looks great on plus-sized women. If choosing dress, you an opt for wrap styles that have stretch as wraps look great on plus- sized women. The major thing should be about the environment so try to get clothes with the following characteristics but also ones that are made from environmentally friendly materials if possible.

Undergarments: – A very important aspect to be considered is undergarments you wear. Wear something that makes you feel very comfortable for your lecture.  Choose bras with thicker straps as they help to reduce the visible broadness of your shoulders. Many women tends to wear wrong sizes which are either too short or too large a cup size. If you are in doubt, just walk in to a good designer boutique, get the fitting done properly.

Colours: – Dark colours like black or brown can make one look slim and shaped whereas light colours can make you appear larger and bulky. To understand which colour suits you, hold swatches of fabric against your face and look for the match. When someone compliments you for the colour you are wearing, stick to that colour choice. Go with a mild green tie since this is about corporate social responsibility


Accessories: – There are some accessories which can create wonders for you but you need to choose them wisely. Keep these at a bare minimum as this is a professional event. You need to make sure you don’t wear too much jewellery and take the attention away from the pristine professional look.  Use high heels as they also help you appear taller. The taller you look the more slimmer and authoritative you appear. Check out stylewe and get the perfect dress for your lecture.

What to avoid

Certain things that must be avoided are: Stay away from horizontal stripes instead opt for vertical stripes that gives more sliming effect. Always use long blazers if want to have one. This brings in vertical lines to create a sleek silhouette. Lines that goes from vertically down adds length and helps in slimming appearance of the widest part of body. Avoid big, bold patterns that can make you look dowdy or drab. Avoid cloths that are too tight or too big as they are very unflattering. These will only make you appear larger than your actual size. As far as possible, avoid strappy tops or extremely low rise pants or skin tight leggings etc. If you desperately want to, team them wisely without looking dowdy. Follow all these tips and you can give an amazing lecture by focusing on your content and not how you look.

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