Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR as it is commonly known is becoming a crucial mainstay of almost every company’s existential framework. CSR typically deals with how a company should handle the environmental and ethical issues. For a sport like formula 1 for instance where there are so many elements to make the sport, it is even more important for CSR strategy and sustainability to take centre stage. These cars are whizzing around circuits all over the world burning a 100 kilos of fuel per car per race. Not to mention all the fuel consumption involved in the logistics process.

It is imperative even for companies like coca cola to make sure they cut down on their use of plastics somehow. Otherwise stuff like the great pacific garbage patch will continue and affect each and every one on the planet. We must not get to stage where cleaning up our planet becomes close to impossible. Corporate social responsibility plans are typically gradual, with most companies operating in cycles where they still lay emphasis on profit first and environment second. This needs to change and change quickly.

Formula 1 is a brutal sport in that aspect with just a mere 1.5 hours taking centre stage for which the environment has to be severely damaged. The amount of private jets and airlines used to transport parts from country to country alone 20 times a year can be staggering and they fuel they burn is incredible. Even there, there are energy recovery systems taking centre stage, however the progress is moving at a snail’s pace.

A staggering number of NGO’s have risen off late but their efforts have been futile solely cause of how staggered they are and how competition arises. Competition definitely gives rise to amazing solutions but it has its downsides as well. Even honest NGOs become profitable agencies and that is enough to even make honest people question their motives.

Large organizations like green peace and Oxfam do not lack man power but their financials are often subject to a ton of scrutiny with them churning through billions in donations, more problems rather than solutions are still arising. For sporting events like Formula E this era is ideal. When people shift from traditional fuel to battery power and solar these sports will become highly profitable while saving the environment. That is the key to man’s survival as well as all the other animals and birds of our world.

Whilst we are the exploring kind and our urge to go to mass is strong as ever we need to strike a balance between exploring our world and preserving it at the same time. We cannot have a situation where a population of 10 billion people live on a small planet with no room to live breathe and experience life like our older generations did. The time to act is now for small and large organization to come together and provide innovative solutions instead of solely profitable solutions for a brighter and greener future for current and future generations. A CSR plan is a must for any company and you must seriously question a company without one.

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